A Night of Stars: Celebrity Gala
to Benefit St. John’s Food for the Poor Program

The Fundraising Kick-Off Event!

October 15, 2011 at the Hanover Theatre
for the Performing Arts in Worcester, MA

St. John’s Food for the Poor Program extends a warm, heart-felt thanks to the Broadway stars and Hollywood celebrities who came together to support the fundraising efforts for the benefit of St. John’s Food for the Poor Program (located at 44 Temple Street in downtown Worcester, MA).

This star-studded event was a huge success — thank you for your time and talent!

Fundraising at the Gala

Father John Madden receives contributions towards the construction of a new St. John’s Food for the Poor Center at the Gala Event.

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Keynote Speech

The evening’s keynote speaker, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, introduced by Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern.

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Performers Greeted by Honor Guard

Celebrities are met by a full honor guard in an Arc of Swords formation while the Worcester Firefighters' Pipe and Drum Band plays.

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Highlights from the Gala

Hollywood, Broadway, and Television stars light up the stage during A Night of Stars: Celebrity Gala to Benefit St. John’s Food for the Poor Program, held at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts on October 15, 2011.

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Unveiling of Peter Max Portrait, “Kennedys”

Prior to the show a reception was held, which included the unveiling of a newly commissioned painting entitled "Kennedys" by legendary artist Peter Max.

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Korean War Memorial Board Honors Stars

Celebrities Norm Crosby, Connie Stevens, Terry Moore, John McDermott, and Grant Cramer are commended for their fundraising efforts for the Korean War Memorial of Central Mass., Inc. and the Walkway of Honor.

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