Neighbors Helping Neighbors Yesterday and Today

No man, woman or child should ever be hungry. Unfortunately in Worcester, Massachusetts that is not the case. Today an increasing number of the inner city’s homeless, poor and marginalized people are seeking help from St. John’s Food for the Poor Program at 44 Temple Street in the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts.

For 177 years, St. John’s Church has lived out its mission by providing sustenance and dignity to anyone who comes to their doors. Today, St. John’s Food Pantry is the only place in the city where the hungry can receive a hot breakfast. However, the one-stove kitchen and dining area located beneath St. John’s can no longer accommodate the volume of people who need food. We need more space.

Expanding St. John’s Food for the Poor Program in the Future

St. John’s Church is working to build a new soup kitchen and FREE food pantry on the property adjacent to the church and rectory.

Presently, we are able to serve a hot, nutritious breakfast to 125+ people a day, five days a week (which translates to 32,500+ annually).

Because of the increased need, it is our goal to serve 250 people per day, or 65,000 annually. Each year the FREE food pantry distributes approximately 10,400 “to-go” packages, and yet there is always a shortage.

After the construction is complete, the 5,500-square foot building will help St. John’s accommodate the increased number of neighbors—elderly, individuals, and families with children—who are in need. The pastor of St. John’s, Father Madden, and the volunteers believe that there is always more to be done in the community, particularly for the children. This is why, in its off-hours, the building will also be host to a variety of classes—including English as a Second Language and Family Literacy. Also, an expanded outreach visiting program will bring comfort to shut-in neighbors who are too often forgotten, especially during illness and the holidays.

No man, woman, or child should ever be hungry.